We Are... a publication focused on real people and their stories of the positives and negatives of life issues that affect all of us.
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We Are... is a unique digital (optional print) magazine with an ever changing theme.  Our first issue will be complementary and will also explain how We Are... was developed and why. It is helpful to know that for future monthly issues. 

   "In a society where technology makes it easy to obsess over people, famous and infamous alike, I found myself wanting something better than what's out there... and I can't be the only one!"
-Founder, We Are... Magazine

First Edition -Free
-Cover Story (Sets theme for entire issue)
-Additional Articles (from cover theme)
-The Playground (stories and quotes from and about kids)
-Founder's Forum (Letters/messages from our readers)
-Small business/Family owned Advertising
-And More...

We Are...

A magazine reaching out to everyone, everywhere, every month.

- Monthly pricing not set at this time -